Friday, 26 May 2017

The Seven Secrets You Will Never Know About Investment Castings Manufacturing Process

Investment casting is a complex and trendy manufacturing process. To build robust and high dimension metal parts, investment casting is prime technique preferred by every manufacture. It’s a traditional technique which also known for lost wax casting, in which mold is designed as per desired shape in that ferrous or nonferrous material is injected. All the manufacture followed same technique with the only difference of raw material and designs.

Investment Castings
  • Incapacity Dimensional: 1″ to 24″
  • Tolerance: .003″
  • Lbs. per casting: Ounces to 75 lbs.
  • Volume Capacity: 300 to 100,000
In the digital market and innovation trend, investment casting is also improves its techniques as well as exclusive technology to build more precise and stronger casting products. Energy Technocast famous for manufacture detailed and standard quality casting products with the help of exclusive techniques at the best price in India.

The most important factor in manufacturing casting parts is accurate dimension as well as reliability, analyze and test components continuously to achieve perfect dimensional accuracy as well as customer satisfaction.

If you still follow traditional procedure then surely you will faces some of the hazards like over timing outcomes, wastage of materials, inaccuracy in dimension, etc. that’s why it’s compulsory to stay advanced and apply new technology in manufacturing process to stay ahead in competitor marketplace.

Latest technologies are more flexible and comfortable in nature which makes manufacturer to build flawless casting components in short duration of time. Some of the important tricks and techniques are given below that surely helps you to improve manufacturing process.

Secrets of Investment Castings Manufactures

  • New improvement and innovation applied in process such as lost foam casting instead of manual wax.
  • Computer-based visualization tools for die casters to produce 100% accurate dimension of components
  • Increasing in manufacturing rate of components.
  • Mixture and alloy of different metals are used to build more robust and reliable components, which are high in demands now days.
  • Computerized designing gives flexibility along with high detailing
  • Reduces the time of manufacturing i.e. lower the range of hours.
  • Oxygen tanks are the trend of new investment casting manufacturing, because it’ll run out quickly round about 20 min. of usage.

Last words, it’s necessary to follow modern technology and procedure and sustain in the high competition marketplace. Hope these modern trends will help you to manufacture superior quality casting component. Waiting for your ideas and views in comments.